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Graphic recording can support in-person meetings, as well as online meetings!

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In the animation below some tips for working remote, and how graphic recording can help!

The video is 2,5 minutes, with music (sound on!) :)

Graphic recording, visual recording, sketchnotes, visual notes, scribing, a visual report... It's different words for the same service. "Graphic recording" and scribing are the most common, internationally used phrases.

What does it mean? - At your live or online meeting or event (that involves presentations or group discussions), I will make a live drawing. My aim is to summarize the content in a visual way. I can work on paper, or work digitally using my IpadPro, and share this screen so that everyone in the conference call can see it.

I will not draw everything that is being said (nobody can draw that fast), but I will listen very carefully for the essence, and draw the important parts. I believe this is also the added value of a graphic recording, because the less important parts are filtered out in this way. This creates clarity and focus.


The added value is: more insight and understanding for the participants, and not (just) that a 'beautiful' drawing is being made. It is not an art form for art's sake, but has a social function. It's about bringing across the essence of what the group was saying during a meeting, and for the participants to reflect and remember for the future.

I believe drawing is especially suitable for this. Have a look at the top and bottom of this page, for a few examples :)

What is the difference between 'graphic recording' and 'graphic facilitation'?

Extra value can be created, by letting the participants join in to create a drawing together, or to better align the drawing proces with the program. For example, in a separate session in which through interactive processes, the content of the drawing will begin to take shape.

This is called Graphic facilitation, and this is a creative process in which the participants are active players. The artist will then take on the role of facilitator, to guide the process. This is not the case with a Graphic recording: there the artist will be a 'silent' second person next to the trainer/facilitator/speakers, in service of what is happening.

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