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Hi! My name is Rooske Eerden. I am a Graphic recorder/Visualiser and I live near Leiden, in the Netherlands. I have several years of experience with visualisation: on paper and digital. I am a versatile person, and that shows in my work ;-)

I believe in the (gentle) power of drawing, to clarify the essence of a story or project. A combination of images and text is easier to understand and to remember. And, if we can 'see' the system and widen our perspective, we can see more opportunities.

About my name Scratch Graphics: this refers to 'From Scratch'. Everything starts with an empty canvas... and I started 'from scratch' a few years ago, with drawing for clients, coming from another line of work (Archaeology). That is the best way to learn something: by doing! And of course the training 'Visual recording' (De Betekenaar), and the 'Visual Practice Workshop' (Presencing Institute) Want to get better acquainted? Have a look at my page on Instagram, or contact me for a chat. Questions? Don't hesitate to ask!

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I work together with De Betekenaar (Dutch cooperation of visualizers) on a regular basis.

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graphic recording why me.png
graphic recording why me.png
I love being in the forest...