Looking for a visual way to communicate the essence of your story, or project?
Make it visible

A picture is worth a thousand words! A combination of images and text is easier to understand, and the content will be easier to remember.

Therefore, using images in communication is a smart choice.


Animations are getting more and more popular! Not surprising, because animations can be very clarifying and easy to understand, and make the message really come across. Since spring 2020, I am learning about animations, and since the fall of 2020, I am offering this service to clients. I like to do projects in collaboration with Animationstudio LIM.

A visual for communication, or animated visual (GIF) is also possible. This is a digital image that through drawings and text, will help communicate the essence of your story or project to your audience (for example co-workers, clients, your network). The visual can support you to tell your story in a presentation, or support an online text.

A Visual about multitransitions, for TNO:

Praatplaat TNO 5.0.jpg
Praatplaat TNO animatie GIF Rooske Eerden Scratch Graphics

The animation below is 3,5 minutes, with a Dutch voice-over. It's about the illness CFS/ME (Cronic Fatigue syndrome), and the Dutch research agenda for CFS/ME. The animation was comissioned by ZonMw, and made in cooperation with Animatiestudio LIM

The next animation is 2,5 minutes (about Working remote, and Graphic recording / Remote scribing), with music:

The video below is 2 minutes, with music (sound on! :)). About the worldwide crisis and creativity, march 2020.

This was my second animation experiment ever, so the 'flow' is a bit lacking ;-)

The animation below is quite personal... it's an animation I made in january 2019, for my grandmothers funeral, about her life - with music.

(This was my first animation experiment ever, so that's the reason that the pace is still too slow ;))

Animations like this can be a beautiful way to collectively reflect on a loved one's life.

Some more examples of visuals (in Dutch)

Some visuals made in collaboration with "De Betekenaar" (Dutch cooperation of visualizers)

Praatplaat P-Direkt
Praatplaat RegenboogagendaAmersfoort

A better quality image can be viewed here (Dropbox)

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